Netty 4.1.35.Final - 开源 Java 网络服务框架

Netty 4.1.35.Final 发布了,Netty 是一个 Java 开源框架。Netty 提供异步的、事件驱动的网络应用程序框架和工具,用以快速开发高性能、高可靠性的网络服务器和客户端程序。


  • Only try to use OpenSslX509TrustManagerWrapper when using Java 7+ (#9065)
  • DnsNameResolver.resolve(...) should notify future as soon as one preferred record was resolved (#9050)
  • Correctly calculate ttl for AuthoritativeNameServer when update existing records (#9051)
  • DnsNameResolver.resolveAll(...) should also contain non preferred addresses (#9044)
  • Websocket client closing handshake to support "force close" after given timeout (#8883)
  • Correctly handle overflow in Native.kevent(...) when EINTR is detected (#9024)
  • DnsNameResolver.resolveAll(...) should not include duplicates (#9021)
  • Skip execution of Channel*Handler method if annotated with @Skip and just use the next handler in the pipeline (#8988)
  • Allow to offload / customize key signing operations when using BoringSSL (#8943)
  • Allow to offload certificate validation when using BoringSSL (#8974)
  • Add user possibility to skip the evaluation of a certain websocket extensions (#8910)
  • Don't try to put back MemoryRegionCache.Entry objects into the Recycler when recycled because of a finalizer (#8955)
  • Fix possible ByteBuf leak when CompositeByteBuf is resized (#8946)
  • Allow to automatically trim the PoolThreadCache in a timely interval (#8941)
  • Support ALLOW_HALF_CLOSURE channel option on Unix domain socket. (#8932)
  • Correctly produce ssl alert when certificate validation fails on the client-side when using native SSL implementation (#8949)
  • Fix HttpUtil.isKeepAlive to behave correctly when Connection is a comma separated list defect (#8924)